Very interesting! BitClout is taking a shot at this, although it's more mainstream, as in not differentiated for specific industries. I would personally be interested in more specialized platforms for the betters and the candidates to meet: one idea is for students from developing counties to meet their sponsor from a developed country. So far, Creator Economy has chosen the content as the means of evaluating someone's potential. Wondering if this is the only way or how can we empower more people to create content to build up their social capital?

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Philanthropy is a time-honored way of buying reputation.

Expending resources is usually a "proof of work" regarding your intent. You're putting skin in the game.

Where it breaks down is when folks have an excessive amount of resources. They really aren't putting that much skin in the game.

There's many ancient stories about this. In the Christian New Testament, they're called The Widow's Offering (Mark 12:43–44; Luke 21:1–4) and Giving Your Alms in Secret (Matthew 6:4). In each, the buying of reputation is scorned.

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