Really enjoyed this post Erik - the future of education is an area I am really interested in but have only ever looked at school vs university. I think this point you make is the most salient in many ways "The first step is releasing some of the social pressure on people to go to universities."

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Is it likely that this effect is predicted in Peter Turchin's "elite overproduction"? Also its counter would be "mid underproduction" or Yarvin's "Etsy-ification" of craft culture over prestige.



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Erik, I'm building an EdTech company to make the skills of world-class entrepreneurship affordable for 3 billion people! In comparison to elite business schools, it'll provide: a) higher quality via hands-on & results-based training by the world's greatest entrepreneurs b) Netflix prices c) the world's largest community of entrepreneurs.

I'd love to share more details! What's the best way to reach out?

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