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The only limit on growth is centralized power's tendency toward moral regression, which destroys error correction, limits freedom, and so the tech innovation that creates prosperity, which leads to scarcity and degrowth movement in a self-fulfilling doom loop of crashing TFR and censorship.

Infinite growth is only possible if there's an active effort to promote decentralization via founder, startup, family, and community formation, creating a countervailing force to the centralizing effects of tech innovation, a constantly expanding fractal frontier with an emphasis of minimal reliance on centralized power, and an active mindset to undermine it and minimize its impact on the individual.

tech innovation: solving problems for humans by humans to create more resources; individuals are always the source.

prosperity: more humans with fewer problems thanks to tech innovation, ie. freedom.

morality: a system of error correction

moral innovation: better systems of error correction that follow from tech innovation that brings greater resources and prosperity.

centralization: concentration of resources from prosperity due to tech innovation that accelerates both tech and moral innovation- source of funding of tech innovation that is at first in service of centralized power, but later makes its way to individuals via free market exchange.

tyranny: abuse of individuals by centralized power resulting in moral regression and the accumulation of error, less freedom, and so less tech innovation.

founder, startup, family, community formation: decentralizing forces that drive tech innovation outside the control of centralized power, and also moral innovation.

The universe is infinite, as are the resources it contains. Only humans are capable of coming up with inventions and explanations that unlock the benefit of and access to resources.

We need more babies, more founders, more startups, and more communities-- those are the conditions for infinite growth to occur-- a quasi-religious emphasis on and commitment to the formation of that fractal frontier of innovation.

Else it's bugs, pod, and Greta Thunberg scolding you to turn down the heat forever.

Acceleration and decentralization are our only hope.

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Super prescient as always

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It sounds like the limits on growth may be related to population growth. I think it’s reasonable to say our GDP per capital will grow indefinitely, but in the later half of the century, that may lead to nominal growth contraction, as we have yet to really see conditions that would turn around birth rates after they start a tailspin. Not sure if the progress you are talking about is literally measurable economic growth, but would think they are at least correlated.

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