I always appreciate your taking the time to think about these topics, and to share them with us. I understand precisely what you are positing and it is clear and cogent.

As you are a thinker and I only pretend to be one, let me pretend to rotate your model like a Rubick’s Cube.

Everyone has a theology, but only religious people acknowledge one.

Theology -as distinguished from religion, a vague and squishy word if there ever was one - is the subject of man’s relationship with the Universe.

Most critics (in the neutral understanding) talk *about* “religion” but rarely ever study their foundations in theology, which in practice is a kind of rigouous word-math of great precision.

If one were seeking some scientific evidence of the validity and power of spiritual action, they might look at Professor William Tiller. He measured the human capacity for it.

And as the big bang theory fizzles and we really do not know the age of the universe, Who is to say for sure that there are not super long lived non coporeal persons?

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Feb 13, 2023Liked by Erik Torenberg

What are the practical implications of this? Assuming one believes this theory to be true, would one worship god as True Believers would, going to a place of worship every weekend to give thanks to god? Is it sufficient to be broadly familiar with at least one religion and generally adhere its principles?

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Did you read anything by Paul Kingsnorth? He has quite an interesting personal journey, as well as some very .. thought provoking thoughts regarding the topic.

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Yes, big fan!

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