Interestingly this plays out somewhat in South Africa. Mass unemployment, riots, failure of infrastructure and people leave to go to better places.

Exit and wealth taxes in place to prevent this.

So now the one prediction abput Governments wanting customers doesn't seem to play out. They all seem to want to destroy themselves by doubling down on bad policies. And they keep borders shut with large anti immigration visas and a pushback against globalization.

When do we get customer governments?

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Lots of open-minded theorizing about an ideal information era, and it could have happened. But (as theory can be) reality finds us 180° off on every one of the seven predictions: Natural resources matter a lot (from oil, to neon, to territory). Rather than zero to one and customization, we see unprecedented billions of identical iPhones on Ikea tables…. Wright's law of experience still holds, but now multiplied by network effects resulting in massive economies of scale concentrated in a handful of enterprises. Unemployment has not materialized, but decades of waste sees human capital in short supply, while labour is commoditized.

Viewed this way, the second table of opportunities is instead a list of possible directions to regenerate society and steer back towards the ideal information era that was possible.

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